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As an avid traveler, passport is my best friend. So, to accompany it, a passport holder is a must-have fashion accessories for my travels. As soon as I received my Skyhigh Purple Passport Holder from paperdorable, I knew I made the right choice! It is chick, handy and suits well for fun yet adventures traveler like me! Thanks paperdorable! – Read the original review here

Shukie Omar (facebook)

Too awesome… They are all very cute, I feel like buying more. (Awesome sangat..Semua comel2 rasa macam nak beli lagi je. – Read the original review here

N Nabihah Asri (facebook)

Awesome!!!!!! – Read the original review here

Anies Syazwien (facebook)

The best! Love my vitamin ballpen, so cute :’) – Read the original review here

Cik Mira (facebook)

Saw a guy with a green shirt at this booth n then i went there bcuz it seems hes the only one whose at there plus i could see a lot of stationaries on the table i mean A LOT OF PENS ..CUTE PENS SERIUSLY omg.. i cant controlled myself just bcuz seriusly the pens so cute i cant resist it😊 – Read the original review here

Fatizah Din (Instagram)

Check out the cute pens, mini size liquid paper & finger point sticker from @paperdorable 😍 Thank you! So much cuteness in a package, our heart almost faint! – Read the original review here

Heydiyers (Instagram)
Nur Rayhan

More pens have arrived! Ordered yesterday, and was delivered this morning. It’s as if Shah Alam and Johor Bahru are very near. This is my third time buying the Coffee Story pens… Too delicious. Comparable to Starbuck’s Dark Mocha. Ahahaha. The Animal Crossing pen, is also super adorable — Shopping with @Paperdorable

(Pen dtg lagikk!! Ahaha smlm order ni pagi2 abam posto da bg brg- mcm shah alam n jb ni sebelah2 je kan.. pen coffee story da 3 kali beli tau.. sdp sgt.. rsa mcm dark mocha kt starbuck.. ahahaha animal crossing pulak kemain comel– shopping with @paperdorable) – Read the original review here

Nur Rayhan (Instagram)
Farah Abdullah

Newest addition of super cute stuff😊✌ just completely made my day .. Safely arrived ..πŸ’πŸ’ Super awesome pens & cute stationery ..they are sooo adorable yet easy to use .. Love them so much .. Highly recommended for all cute stuff lovers … @paperdorable is the one stop stationery heaven ..- Read the original review here

Farah Abdullah (Instagram)

Adorable pens from @paperdorable ! . βœ’πŸ˜ Read the original review here

Farhanah (Instagram)
Lord Zara

I am happy when I make my students happy. Because when they are happy, I will have a lovely time at school.

(Dapat menggembirakan anak murid buatkan aku juga gembira. Sebab bila mereka gembira, sepanjang persekolahan aku juga akan gembira.) – Read the original review here

Lord Zara (Instagram)

From @paperdorable. Yes, they are much too adorable. Have to buy them because they are too cute. @Paperdorable supplies cute stationeries to you to avoid doing homework from becoming a mundane task. Well, you could buy them even if you don’t have to do homework.

(From @paperdorable Yes, they are adorable much ☺ comel kan. Comel sesangat. Terpaksa beli sebab da suke. Di @paperdorable dieorang bawakan stationery kiut miut nih supaya buat kerja sekolah tidak membosankan. Kalau tak buat kerja sekolah pun boleh. Nak beli, boleh contact.) Read the original review here

Maisarah (Instagram)
Amirah Nurul Adilah

Finally, the long awaited items arrived. Gotmilk Erasable pens from @paperdorable. The kids really enjoyed this pens, because they are erasable. They even want to sell the pens off to their friends. Guys, go check out @Paperdorable. They have tonne of cute stationeries. Customer service is also excellent.

(Akhirnya barang yang ditunggu tunggu sampai jua. Gotmilk erasable gel pen from @paperdorable @paperdorable @paperdorable . Budak budak dalam rumah ni bukan main suka dengan pen ni sebab boleh padam padam tulisan yang dieotang tulis dengan pen ni .Siap ada yang nak jual dekat kawan kawan sekolah lagi. Korang pergi dekat @paperdorable cepat. Kat sana ada jual macam macam alat tulis yang comel comel tau. Layanan dieorang pun tiptop. Mana x nya, aku deal nak beli pen ni tengah malam pun dieorang still layan lagi tau. Dah pergi usha @paperdorable cepat. Mesti ada yang berkenan dihati nanti. #iamahappycustomer) Read the original review here

Amirah Nurul Adilah (Instagram)