Part 1: From Zero ke Hero – Start right now!

Time really flies, that was one of my initial thought before I started typing on my keyboard. It has been five months since Paperdorable served our first ever customer, and boy, has it been a bittersweet journey or what. Today, not only is our customer based on both Facebook and Instagram are gradually expanding, we have also sold more than 6000 pieces of stationery. That is over 1000 pieces per month.

Although it might not sound all that impressive to some, I am still very grateful with what Paperdorable have achieved today. Continuous day to day order from customers, and gradual expansion through words of mouth and peers recommendations. Slowly, but surely, Paperdorable is making its footprint in the entrepreneurial world. People have asked me, what would my number one tips of success be. Well, it is actually rather simple. I would say “Start! Not tomorrow, not later, but right now!”

If I did not start Paperdorable a few months ago, I would not be here today. It all started with a piece of pen and paper. I jotted down my aim, my timeline and started planning my way through. Sure, not all of them worked out as well as I hope, but I have learned, a lot! From my successes, and even more so from my failures, and I am very grateful for them. Being a young entrepreneur means they are a lot of things that I need to learn. Because my journey, is far from over. It has only just begun.

So everyone, let’s start, right now. If you want to get good grades for exam, start your revision today. If you want to travel somewhere, start planning today. If you want to have a healthy lean body, take action today. And if you want to found a business, well, start right now! Remember, you can only achieve success if you start working towards it, and if you start, you will never get it.

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One thought on “Part 1: From Zero ke Hero – Start right now!

  1. tasya says:

    do you sell any planner because i want to buy it or planed to sold a planner
    Order from oversea is expensive it has costs for shipping
    just asking i hope you don’t mind

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