Paperdorable Blind Faith campaign (Part 2)


We are super excited!

You know being in busienss for a year means that eventually, Paperdorable will need to come up with our own product. And that “eventually” is today.

We are proud to announce that our we are taking pre-order for this mysterious item.

And for the super hardcore fans, you can purchase one of these babies at a sweet sweet price of RM129 (RRP: RM179). But, you have to take that leap of faith and trust us on this one.

It will be cute, adorable and elegant. And personally speaking, I think it is worth more than RM179.

Stay tuned, full unveiling is happening tomorrow :-)

p/s – Having faith does pay ^_^

Paperdorable Blind Faith campaign (Part 1)


Wow, we are hitting one year old real soon.
Being in this industry for a year, has made us mature and wiser.
We have many big plans for the future, that we cannot wait to share with you.

Starting today, we are running a “BlindFaith” campaign.
A campaign where we ask you to trust us, and trust our brand.
It has two phases

Phase 1: Blind faith bundles.
We will curate a set of random stationeries for the blind faith bundle buyers.
No two bundles will contain the exact same items.
But believe me, this is definitely worth it.
We will make sure that the bundle original price is worth at least RM65 (silver bundle) and RM150 (gold bundle).

Some lucky people will even enjoy a bundle that is worth double the amount that they are paying for.

So ask yourself – Do you trust us? Will this be a good investment, or will this be a too good to be true scam?

Continue in part two