About Us

We are a group of ninjas, that absolutely, positively hate boring stuff. One day, we look at our messy table whilst we were doing homework, and the Edison’s light bulb appeared. Ting! We then noticed the amount of dull, lifeless stationeries that we have been collecting all these while. No wonder homework felt like such a difficult chore. All these dull items have been shoved right into our faces, and eventually, we settled for them.

They became our norms, and they gradually become acceptable. At Paperdorable, we want to change that. Why? Because we can, and we should. Sprucing up homework, by using our quirkiest, cutest and colorful pens, pencils, notebooks (whatever we can find really) that we carefully select has truly made a different. Homework, is a more enjoyable and bearable. Go on, try us, you will not regret it. Pinky promise!

P/S – Paperdorable Enterprise is a Malaysian based company which is registered with SSM (Registration number: SA0322778-U)

Yours truly,